Dianabol (DBol) Results Exposed 

Are DBol results to be believed?  We reveal the truth about Dianabol cycle results, negative and positive effects and bust the common myths surrounding this popular muscle enhancing anabolic drug.

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When it comes to results DBol is one of the most impressive anabolic steroids for rapid gains in strength and mass and its the near instant results that makes Dianabol so popular. 

​Although D Bol has many positive attributes, it is no angel. The side effects it can cause may not be the most severe, but its arguably the one steroid that's going to give you a wider range of side effects than any other steroid available.

​Of course, as long as your healthy, have adequate protective support throughout the DBol cycle followed by a carefully planned post cycle therapy, these side effects can pretty much be cancelled out.

Dianabol can deliver impressive strength gains, but as with all steroids the results are often hyped up or completely fabricated. Throughout steroid land there are many myths perpetuated about Dianabol results.

This article will cover the positive and negative side effects that can result from taking Dianabol, the protective precautions for its usage.

In addition, we'll cover the most common myths surrounding the steroid. Will help to de-mystify them and expose the truth, so that you can make a better informed decision about whether this steroid is worth the risk.

Factors Influencing Dianabol Results 

The Good 

As pointed out above, supplementing with DBol will help you gain strength, bulk and weight. However, as with all anabolic steroids, their ability to enhance muscle growth and athletic performance is influenced considerably by you're training and what you eat.

By taking DBol you're primary aim is to gain mass, but if you're not consuming the right types of proteins in the right quantities you will not experience the compounds full potential.

For example, Taking D Bol and and living off a diet of McD's is going to result in disappointment and frustration as processed foods with low nutritional value only limit the steroids anabolic properties.

​In addition to eating a clean healthy diet your calorie intake is an important factor for promoting strength and muscle growth. However, if you're calorie consumption is below your maintenance levels, its highly unlikely you'll see the gains you want.

With the extra strength it gives you, working out more intensely is a smart move. But the extra exertion means you're burning more calories. So you need to take your diet seriously and monitor your caloric maintenance levels on a regular basis.

With a bulking cycle you really need to consume more calories than you burn to see noticeable muscle growth. Again, this requires careful consideration, as overeating can increase body fat and D-Bol makes you bloated as it increases water retention.​

​For most guys, a few percentages above their maintenance level will suffice to gain optimal DBol results. Of course, if you're stacking Dianabol with other anabolic steroid compounds you will have to adjust accordingly. 

The Bad 

Oral Dianabol is a C17-alpha alkylated steroid. It needs to bypass the liver and by doing so,increases the amount of enzymes the liver produces. That puts this vital organ under considerable stress and therefore, makes D Bol very toxic to the liver.

Due to its hepatotoxic ​nature you need to be careful with dosage levels. If you're a beginner starting your first Dbol cycle take around 10 to 20 milligrams per day and no more. With more experience you can max it up to 25 to 35 milligrams a day.

There are guys who take up to 50 mgs of D-Bol and more a day, however this is not recommended, especially if you value your long term health.

In addition to the DBol dosage, you need to be careful of the cycle duration. A Dianabol cycle ​should not last any longer than 5 weeks or 6 weeks at the most. For a beginner cycle this should be 4 to 5 weeks max.

​When you end the cycle leave at least a 6 week gap before you take the steroid again. If you have a history of liver problems then avoid DBol like the plague. You should also avoid OTC medications and alcohol during the cycle.

The Ugly​

​Even though Danabol is well tolerated and has a milder toxicity compared to other anabolic compounds, it can create a wider range of negative side effects due to its anabolic and androgenic nature.

Arguably the most negative ​and undesirable side effects, especially for men, are its aromatizing properties. This can lead to a number of undesirable effects including gyno or 'male boobs', high blood pressure and acne.

To prevent 'bitch tits' you'll need an Aromatise Inhibitor. These ​are a class of drugs that stop the aromatising effect taking place in the body. They also help to lower your estrogen levels which has a positive effect on your testosterone.

You need to be careful when using AI's as they can increase cholestoral levels as does D Bol. With this in mind, think carefully about dosage levels and avoid processed fats.

​If you live a stressful lifestyle, then D-Bol will increase your already high blood pressure and that's not good. Stress increases cortisol which inhibits muscle growth and lowers your T levels. Learn to relax the mind with meditation - it works, if you do it consistently.

Myths Surrounding Dianabol

The dawn of the internet has spawned many websites and forums on bodybuilding and steroid use. There's a lot of information out there, probably too much. Some of it's good, but most of it is not.

​As steroids are controlled substances there's  a considerable amount of 'bro-science' surrounding their usage and the results they can deliver. One of the most common myths surrounding Dianabol is that muscle gains disappear as soon as you come off it.

Now, many juice heads would argue that this is true, and they would be right to a certain extent. You're gains won't disappear overnight as long as your bulking cycle extends past the point were you stop taking Dbol.

For this reason, consider stacking with a Testosterone ester or Deca. They are less toxic and can be taken for longer. In this way, you preserve the gains DBol produces during the early stages of a cycle.​

Another mythical DBol result is that the steroid makes you fat. There's no doubt you'll gain weight, but this is due to the compounds effect on increasing water retention. If fat levels do increase, the result is more to do with overeating than the steroid itself.

As pointed out earlier, an undesirable DBol side effect is higher cholesterol. However, this can be balanced out by eating a low fat diet and intensive workouts that ensure any excess body fat is converted into energy.  

I would also point out that high doses and longer steroid cycles ​can slow down your metabolic rate which can make it more difficult for you to convert fat to energy. 

The End Result

DBol may not deliver the greatest results in terms of muscle gains. However, its still a potent steroid to have in your arsenal. Its been a long time favorite for many, and with good reason. Its rapid results are very attractive, making it the choice steroid to kick start a bulking cycle.

But, as you've learned, it has its dark side. The side effects are extensive and its usage needs careful planning and the necessary precautions need to be taken to protect your health.

​And finally, D-Bol as with all anabolic steroids, is not immune to myths and rumors. We've busted the most common for you. But with careful management D-Bol is an effective muscle builder worth considering.