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Gains of 20 to 30 Ibs with proper diet and training are common.

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Overall Rating

Dianabol (DBol) Cycles 

When it comes to weight, strength and muscle growth many professional bodybuilders and performance athletes will agree that a D-Bol Cycle is hard to beat.

​Containing the Methandrostenolone hormone, the Dianabol anabolic steroid has very impressive muscle growth potential, but even better, it piles on the mass rapidly.  

This anabolic is very popular with experienced weightlifters and beginners because it is widely available, offers good value for money and because D-bol is an oral pill, its a no brainer for those with a needle phobia.

​If you want to grow bigger and stronger, then using Dianabol is a great way to kick start a cycle. Even though the steroid can be used on its own, it combines well will other anabolic compounds especially testosterone and Deca.

Although Dianabol packs a heavy punch, it is very toxic, especially to the major organs such as the liver. For this reason, D Bol should be used carefully. Dianabol cycles should be short and planned properly.

D-Bol cycles require cycle support supplements to counteract and protect the body from the inevitable side effects and this needs to continue with Post Cycle Therapy.

In recent years a new breed of bodybuilding supplements have hit the market. These products are known as safe legal anabolics, meaning they are not pharmaceutical drugs.

In fact, they are natural muscle building supplements containing amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are specially selected for their anabolic properties.

​The benefits these natural anabolics have is that there are no side effects, injections or prescriptions to worry about.

Furthermore, due to having no side effects, these supplements can be used for longer periods for longer lasting results.  

These are definitely a good option for you to consider if you are concerned about your short and long term health.