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Dianabol is an anabolic oral steroid popular with many bodybuilders and hard gainers around the world. Also known as Methandrostenolone, this muscle enhancer is restricted in many countries due to the known side effects and its illegal use in sport. To find out more about this drug, including the cost of Dbol UK, check out the information below.

​Is Dbol legal in the UK?

According to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, in the UK Dbol steroids are categorized as a Class C drug and controlled substance. However, the answer to the question “is Dbol legal?” is not as clear cut as for many other types of drug.

For personal use, people can legally possess and use Dianabol as long as their personal supply is not counterfeit and is in a medicinal form. Despite this, supply of the drug in the UK is illegal.

Also, importing anabolic steroids (even for personal use) is prohibited in the UK. People may travel to other countries to buy Dianabol for personal use and import it in person, but they can’t order it into the UK through courier.

Is D Bol Safe?

The question “is DBol safe?” depends on the level of use and dosage. As a hepatotoxic oral steroid Dianabol will put a strain on the liver due to its alkaline properties, but in managed doses these dangers can be minimized.

In recent years, safer legal alternatives have been developed that provide similar gains while eliminating the dangers. Some bodybuilders prefer to use injectable steroids as the drug bypasses the liver and goes directly into the blood supply.

Although As well as the dangers, there are various side effects to Dianabol, including acne, increased growth of body hair, breast enlargement and excess water retention.

Purchasing Dianabol In The UK

​In comparison to other steroids, the cost of D Bol in the UK is usually cheaper when you buy Dianabol online. This is due to the inexpensive way it can be manufactured, producing consistent market prices in the process. When you buy oral steroids such as D-Bol, an order of 1000 5mg tablets will usually cost between £180 and £200.

However, the price of Dianabol depends on the concentration of tablets. The higher the concentration the higher the cost. So, 10mg tablets of Dianabol will cost you more than 5mg tabs. The tablets will often be encased in a blister pack.

The brand Lixus Labs sells high grade Dianabol in 10mg tablets that are popular in the UK. These are sold in tubs of 100 x 10 mg and are currently retailing at £30. Further to this, prices of Dbol steroids will vary depending on the supplier. Buying in-person can be cheaper than online.

Also affecting the cost of Dbol UK prices is whether the product is sourced from underground suppliers or an official pharmaceutical company.

Best Sources of Dianabol for Sale in UK and Europe

In the United Kingdom and Europe, there are many sources advertising Dianabol steroids for sale. Dianabol for sale in UK falls in to two categories: those produced underground and those produced at pharmaceutical companies.

Underground Dianabol tablets are not guaranteed to be safe or pure, which is in contrast to pharmaceutical grade tablets verified to a high standard. Danabol sourced from underground labs will normally be cheaper, but these places are often illegally-run and exclusively produce steroids.

For pharmaceutical-grade Dianabol, there are a number of reliable options. British Dispensary, a Thailand-based company, sells Dbol pills under the market-name Anabol. This popular product comes in tablet-form.

Another Thailand-based dispensary is Body Research, a company that sells Dianabol tablets in the shape of pentagons.

In Europe, there are a variety of easily-accessible companies to purchase pharmaceutical grade Dianabol online from, including Naposim in Romania, Metanabol in Poland and Akrikhin in Russia.

Safe Legal Dianabol Alternatives

There is a range of alternative Dianabol steroids for sale that are legal in the UK and are much safer to use. Let’s start with D-Bal, one of a number of safe, legal steroids you can find online made from natural ingredients. D-Bal is a legal anabolic manufactured by Crazy Bulk offering improved muscle growth while eliminating the side effects seen with traditional anabolic steroids.

Because these muscle building supplements are free of chemicals they can be used for longer bulking cycles resulting in longer lasting mass gains in muscle bulk, size and strength. and there is no need to use support supplements or go through a post cycle therapy (PCT).

Another natural alternative to Dbol pills is DBol-GH. Voted Best Legal Steroid Alternative for 2015, DBol-GH is made from natural ingredients and promotes fat loss. DBol-GH was developed with the help of IFBB pros and is used by bodybuilders.

The product works by helping your body increase production of the human growth hormone (HGH) through more natural means than Methandrostenolone, helping eliminate the dangers and side effects. For beginners and veterans, safe legal anabolics are becoming the smarter choice to achieve clean and long lasting gains in size, strength and performance.