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When it comes to buying Dbol blue hearts online, quality can be a hit and miss affair.

Prices for blue heart DBols can vary as much as $60 to $200 for 10 mg tabs.

Anything below $60 should raise alarm bells as the quality is certain to be very suspect.

Many bodybuilders consider Thailand based Body Research to be the most reputable supplier of Dianabol Blue heart steroids.ity and value for money.

They supply bottles containing 500 x 10 mg Dianabol tabs.

Depending on the retailer prices can range between $90 and $180 for one bottle

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However,  4 weeks on D-Bal change all that. 

After 4 weeks on a DBal cycle  James packed on an extra 2.5 kgs of lean muscle mass.

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For some, the mere mention of anabolic steroids fills them with feelings of fear.

However, when used carefully they can produce impressive muscle gains.

Despite understanding how steroids work, that doesn't mean they’re not without risks.

Dianabol Blues should be treated with the respect they deserve.

For beginners, or those looking for subtle but noticeable gains in muscle mass and athletic performance is favorite choice.

Dianabol Blue Heart is a popular roid with bodybuilders for kickstarting a bulking cycle.

Dianabol has been used for nearly sixty years now and is best described as being an oral steroid that can produce substantial gains in muscle mass and strength.

Due to its popularity Blue Dianabol is readily available on the black market.

What's more, D Bol is much cheaper compared to other steroids on the market.

Combine this with the fact that as an oral steroid there's no need for an injection.

For this reason, it’s easy to see the appeal of this performance enhancing drug, especially with inexperienced steroid users.

DBol comes in many different forms of tablets and pills, with Dianabol blues being a great example.

Here we’ll be learning  more about what DBol Blue Hearts including the...results they can produce, potential side effects, cost t, including prices and best places to buy Dbol Blue Heart's.

What Are Dianabol Blue Hearts?

Dianabol blue hearts, D Bol or Methandienone (Anabol) as they’re sometimes called, are a strong form of oral anabolic steroid. 

D-Bol is commonly used in bulking cycles to increase muscle mass, pumps, weight, strength and protein synthesis.

As an oral anabolic steroid, they're a favorite for first time steroid users and bodybuilders with a needle phobia.

Its easy to see why they're called blue hearts because the tabs are in the shape of a heart and light blue in color.

However, more importantly, dianabol results can be impressive, especially when stacked with other compounds.

With the correct dosage you can expect a very strong androgenic and anabolic effects.

In fact, dianabol blue hearts are able to provide noticeable increases in muscle mass, strength, size, and definition.

They’re ideal for gaining mass in a relatively short period of time, with some users reporting gains of around 2lbs per week for the first six weeks of a D-Bol only cycle.

Recommended Dianabol Blue Cycle, Dosage and Best DBol Stack

D-Bol Blue hearts are a slightly stronger version of regular dianabol tablets.

For this reason, they need to be stacked and cycled in a slightly different way.

Blue hearts most commonly come in 10mg tablets, and experts recommend cycling blue hearts for between 6 and 8 weeks.

A typical beginner dosage should be between 15 and 20 mg per day.

Due to their short half life, the dosage should be spread evenly over the course of the day, with each dosage being consumed with a whole food source.

During a cycle, the most effective way of getting the most out of the hearts is to stack them with 200mg/week of Deca Durabolin.

Stacking with Deca with DBol will maximize muscle gains, however this combo is not suitable for beginners.

For more experienced users, the Dbol dosage can be increased gradually.

Although, its not recommended to exceed 100 mg per day as this could cause serious side effects.

D-Bol Blue Side Effects And PCT

As mentioned above, Dianabol blue heart side effects can be pretty harmful, even in lower doses. This is largely due to the steroid methandrostenolone molecular structure.

As a methylated prohormone compound, it can put extreme pressure on the liver and kidneys. Some of the most common side effects include:

  • Low testosterone 
  • Gynecomastia
  • Water retention
  • Damage to the liver
  • Organ Damage 
  • Acne
  • Bloating
  • Weight gain
  • Unnatural hair growth
  • Oily skin
  • Greasy hair
  • Increased cholesterol
This is dianabol stack does not need a PCT.

The side effects listed above are not too pleasant and as a result you should always use the blue hearts as instructed.

To ensure you remain as well protected against the harmful side effects as possible, it is recommended that you also take the following cycle support precautions;

Cycle Support And Precautions

Cycle Support Supplements

A cycle support supplement such as N2 Guard will help to protect you from the harsh effects of a steroid cycle.

Take a Milk Thistle Supplement​

​Milk thistle supplements are designed to help protect and cleanse the liver, strengthening it and improving its health and efficiency.

Dianabol and various other steroids are still toxic and can therefore damage the liver as it filters out the harmful toxins from your body.

Milk thistle helps to protect the liver, keeping it fitter and healthier.

PCT - Post Cycle Therapy

This is absolutely essential whenever you take any form of anabolic steroid, no matter what it may be.

Typically, when using dianabol, clomid is the PCT of choice for many, but because blue hearts are stronger and more potent, Nolvadex is recommended instead.

Here’s a sample 6 week PCT course: Two days after your blue hearts cycle has finished, it is recommended that you use 50mg/ed for the first week.

  • 40mg/ed for weeks 2 – 4
  • 20mg/ed for weeks 4 – 5
  • And 10mg/ed for the final week of your six week course.
This is dianabol stack does not need a PCT.

Where To Buy Dianabol Blue 10mg Tablets?

Remember, when purchasing online you should always buy from trusted and reputable suppliers, otherwise you simply do not know what you could be buying, and putting into your body.

Dianabol blue hearts can be sourced online, though they can be tricky to get hold of.

Rather than going with dianabol blue hearts however, more and more people are instead looking to buy safe and legal steroid alternatives instead.

Many of these alternatives are just as powerful and effective as real anabolic steroids, though these can easily be purchased online and as they’re 100% legal and safe.

The entire buying and using process suddenly becomes far easier and much more straightforward.

They’re also easy to source and are much cheaper than anabolic steroids.

Whether you do decide to try and find dianabol blue hearts or if you go with safer and legal alternatives instead.

The thing to remember is to take your time, do your research and only buy from trusted suppliers, preferably with a lot of positive feedback and reviews under their belts.