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In this article we cover everything you need to know about this popular oral bulking steroid, how to use methandrostenolone tablets in a stack cycle, the results you can expect, including side effects and the best suppliers who sell Methandienone steroid online.

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Think carefully about using anabolic steroids, these are powerful drugs. Don’t just think the gains will come easy, you will need to hone your diet and train hard and regularly over time to get worthwhile results.

Below are just a few considerations. If you're serious, speak to your doctor preferably, or someone who has experience with using steroids; perhaps a successful competitive bodybuilder. It also pays to do our own research.

​What Is Methandrostenolone?

Methandrostenolone is an orally-effective anabolic steroid, a derivative of testosterone that is popular with bodybuilders. It is commonly known as Dianabol or D-Bol and is marketed under various branded names such as Danabol, Methandienone and Ganabol and it is not difficult to find methandrostenolone for sale online.

​Why Use This Anabolic Steroid?

Due to its anabolic effects, Dianabol results in impressive weight gain, muscle growth, endurance and strength. It is relatively inexpensive, and because it is an oral steroid it is very easy to take and powerful even in fairly low doses.

Muscle Mass Gains

​Methandrostenolone increases anaerobic glycolysis which stimulates lactic acid build up. Lactic acid is used by the muscles to form glycogen which provides energy through anabolic metabolism, is also good at getting rid of carbohydrates from the body, which means less likelihood of getting fat. It increases total body calcium, which transports large doses of amino acids and creatine, crucial to muscle mass gains and suggests good methandrostenolone results.

Methandrostenolone Dosage Cycles and Side Effects?

Dianabol Ethandrostenolone Dosage cycle

Typically a Dianabol cycle would be split over a 4-6 week period in daily doses of between 25mg-50mg. Bulking cycles usually involves combining DBol with one or a number of other anabolic steroid compounds. With testosterone being a popular one.

Taking a number of different steroids during the cycle is called stacking which can help to maximize the size of muscle gains. There is no guarantee what gains any one individual might achieve.

However, diet, training and lifestyle must also be optimized for best results. Users have reported gains of ten to twelve pounds in an eight week cycle.

Bulking Results

Bulking is the practice of eating excessive calories whist cycling steroids and training hard. The objective is to put on body mass with the intention that a good percentage of it will be lean muscle.

This doesn’t mean simply eating as much of whatever you like, but eating perhaps 250-500 calories over your daily calorific requirement combined with an appropriate stacking cycle.

So many factors are at play in an individual to give any accurate indication as to bulking results but on average you could see at least the ten to twelve pounds of muscle reported above.

Methandrostenolone Side Effects​

Dianabol side effects are many and some are potentially very serious. Methandrostenolone, taken in too higher a quantity or over too long a cycle can cause liver damage. Acne and oily skin are other methandrostenolone side effects.

Androgenised side effects are possible too, particularly gynecomastia; the formation of female breast tissue. Water retention has also been commonly observed and this accounts for much of the weight gain early in the cycle.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Post Cycle Therapy is concerned with restoring natural testosterone when cycling has increased oestrogen levels. This is usually achieved by taking a product like clomid or nolvadex over a three week cycle beginning about 8 hours after the end of your cycle. Other considerations relating to the production of oestrogen follow.

​Aromatase Inhibitors and Aromasin

Aromatase is an enzyme that turns testosterone into oestrogen causing a list of unwanted side effects. To avoid this get some protection and take a compound that acts as an aromatase inhibitor. Aromasin is one such inhibitor and will provide protection.

It is not toxic to the liver and can be taken for a longer period than other inhibitors and may even help your gains by increasing free bound testosterone. Aromosin and HCG have proved to be a very effective partner during Post Cycle Therapy, and in cycle as an estrogen control.

​Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCT)

HCT is a peptide hormone that comes in powder form and needs to be mixed with sterile water and injected. Its function is to counter testicular atrophy during cycling by mimicking the effect of the testosterone producing luternizing hormone. Use HCT in small doses over the course of the two weeks prior to ending your cycle. Aromosin and HCG are central to a successful DBol cycle and recovery.

Forma Stanzol Blocks Testosterone Conversion To Estrogen

Forma Stanzol is an anti-aromatise product which can be used alone as a fat burner or as a compliment to a testosterone boosting cycle at times when oestrogen levels are unintentionally increased. Forma Stanzol blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and also encourages the production of free testosterone which contributes to increased strength and muscle growth.

Stacking Methandrostenolone with Testosterone E

Stacking Dbol with Test

Dianabol works best when it synergies with another binding anabolic steroid, like testosterone and stacking Dbol with test is a good way to kick start a cycle and get some impressive gains very quickly. For even better results you would combine a third binding steroid like equipoise or trenbolone.

Test E Dianabol Stack

Testosterone enanthate is slower acting that other testosterone varieties and a good choice for beginner steroid users as it has a less frequent dosing schedule. A Testosterone e and Dbol stack works well with Deca Durabolin and Winstrol (Stanozolol)

Where to Buy Methandrostenolone Online

Just tap D Bol into your search engine and you will find details of where to buy Dianabol for sale online, but be careful.

There are two sources of Dianabol; legitimate chemical companies who sell only pharmaceutical grade D-Bol which has been properly tested, and tablets from underground laboratories where the words, unlicensed, illegal and cheap go hand in hand.

If you decide to find out where to buy methandrostenolone online, British Pharmacy is marketing dianabol as Anabol. Reviews; which incidentally you should always read, are good and the product appears popular.

However, did you know there is a safer way?

​Safe Legal Steroids For Sale

There are safe legal steroids for sale which claim to mimic the action of the real thing. Popular at the moment is D-Bol-GH by HGH, it is selling, but does it work? I suggest you read the online reviews and articles in bodybuilding magazines before you decide to purchase.