If you're finding it difficult to lose weight or the results are not coming fast enough, there's a a good chance your metabolism has slowed down, or worse, stopped altogether.

​Your metabolic rate has a huge influence on how effectively and quickly you lose weight. The faster the metabolism the faster the rate calories are burned, whether you're working out or sleeping.

​If you feel the fat isn't dropping off fast enough the following steps will help kick start your metabolism.​



Know Your BMR

Knowing your BMR -  Basal Metabolic Rate - is an essential number to know before you start a cutting or even a bulking cycle.

basal metabolic rate

​Essentially, the BMR measures the number of calories (energy) you require to maintain your body weight while at rest.

​It may come as a surprise to you that we all burn calories even while sitting at a desk or sleeping in bed at night.

​​While at rest the body still requires energy to keep our vital organs and central nervous system working. All energy eats up calories.

​Unfortunately, your BMR declines with age, which means the body becomes less efficient at burning calories. However, this decline can be reversed by building bigger muscles.

​The formula to calculate your BMR is usually 10 times your weight. Fortunately you don't have to work out any complicated formula as there are plenty of BMR calculators online to do this for you.


Number of Calories Should Match Your Goals 

The number of calories you eat should be in the right proportion to the goal you want to achieve. 

For example, if you want to cut fat to get a ripped shredded look, then your calorie intake should be in the region of 10 and 15% of your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

In contrast, you will need to increase your calorie intake around 20% of your BMR to bulk up.


Stick To The Same Diet 

A common mistake committed by newbies and even experienced muscle gainers is not sticking to the same diet during a long cycle. They chop and change from fasting to binge eating and this lack of focus plays havoc with their metabolism.

The constant change in weight can actually slow down your metabolism. There is even a term used in the world of body building called 'weight cycling' to describe this phenomenon.

The cost is the bodies homeostasis being knocked out of balance, which means your cutting or bulking goals will always be out of reach.


Spice It Up!

​Believe it or not but adding spicy foods to your diet can help give a little boost to your metabolism. Studies reveal that cayenne peppers have thermogenic properties.

Its all to with capsaicin - a chemical compound - found in pepper that give them there heat. As it turns out, spicing up your diet may even enhance testosterone levels.

However, the increases in metabolism are only temporary. For this reason, you will need to add a little spice to each of meals throughout the day.

If you don't like spicy foods there is the option take ​capsaicin supplements. The good quality ones contain high levels of capsaicin stored in a convenient and easy to swallow capsule.


HiiT The Cardio

metabolism boosting exercises

High intensity interval training (HIIT), as its name suggests, involves short and very intense workout routines. The workouts should last only 20 minutes - 25 minutes max. 

The idea of HIIT is that each session requires you to workout intensely for 20 to 25 seconds, then slow down or rest for the same amount of time and then go at again for the next 20 to 25 seconds. Then rest again.

HIIT cardio exercises can be anything from sprinting, doing press-ups or skipping. The key thing is combining the intensity and rest periods within each compact session. 

​Due to their intensity you only need to workout with HIIT exercises three times a week to see amazing fat loss results. 


Do Squats 

​The squat is one of the most important exercises that should be included in any weight training program. The squat is also an effective exercise for cutting because it targets the biggest muscles in your body  - your legs!

​Any strength training exercise that properly stresses the muscles will increase your metabolic rate. In fact, one pound of muscle will burn up six calories per day compared to fat which only burns off one calorie per day.

So, by building bigger muscles you burn more calories and the calories continue to burn even when you're resting. This also has the effect of raising your BMR. 


Quality Sleep

Lack of good quality sleep will slow down your metabolic rate. When I say quality sleep, I mean you sleep undisturbed. Even if you get to bed early but you keep waking up during the night is not quality sleep.

A continuous lack of sleep can lead to many health problems. For one thing it raises cortisol levels which slows down your metabolism. In the long term this will make you fat. Therefore, its important to get plenty of rest to ensure you keep the fat off.


Take a Quality Fat Burner  

Training and diet should always be the foundation of any fat cutting cycle however, using supplements with fat burning and thermogenic properties can make you shed fat a lot quicker.

Clenbuterol is a popular drug for cutting cycles because of its fat burning properties. However, the drug needs to be used carefully as there are many Clen side effects. Alternatively, you could use Clen-B, a natural cutting supplement with similar fat burning properties to Clenbuterol.

Another good option is Cardarine. This SARM is proven to raise your metabolic and boost endurance levels which makes it the perfect cutting supplement.

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