When it come to injecting steroids most guys don't really no what they're doing. They think its just a matter of finding a spot and jab away.

Injecting steroids correctly is very important. Get it wrong and you could get badly bruised for days or end up an emergency ward with a septic infection.

In this article I outline the correct and proper injection techniques that will minimize problems and pain when injecting anabolic steroids.


A New Syringe for each Injection

You can buy syringes from your local pharmacy, but this can depend on the laws of the state you reside in. In certain states you can buy them, while in others you can't.

Certain pharmacies have what is called "at the pharmacies discretion" which means you can buy them over them "over the counter". The thing is, the pharmacist has the right to deny you, so don't go their looking like a juice head.

If all else fails buy the syringes online.

If you can't afford to buy new syringes, make sure you sterilize it before re-using it again. Keep the syringe in an airtight container.  

The Ideal Size of Syringe 

The ideal size is a syringe with a 3cc (3ml) barrel and a 23 gauge 1 inch needle. So, when you walk into a pharmacy you should say "I want to buy some 23 gauge, 1 inch syringes that are 3ml's.

​Smaller needles, such as a 25 gauge can also work. In fact, smaller needles will leave a smaller hole and less scar tissue. However, the downside is that it takes forever to load the oil and longer to inject it because your pushing the oil through a smaller needle.

Here's a tip....

Use an 18 gauge needle to draw up the oil, then unscrew the needle tip and switch to a 23gauge, 1 inch tip. The oil pretty much falls into the barrel when using an 18 gauge needle, and the tips are universal so unscrewing one and screwing on another is no big deal.

Prepping the Syringe

So you've got the syringes and you’re ready to inject. It’s a good idea to wipe off the top of the vial with an alcohol wipe. Also clean the injection area with an alcohol wipe.

prepping the syringe

Photo by Niki Litov

Tip your vial upside down and insert the syringe. Make sure the plunger is all the way forward.

Next, start pulling the plunger back and fill the oil to the desired mark.You can pull it back further to create a stronger vacuum and load your syringe faster, then just push the oil back up to the desired mark.

Next, you want to get any air bubbles out of the syringe so it’s just oil in the barrel. You simply wait a second for the air bubbles to go back through the oil to the top and push the air out slowly by pushing the plunger forward a little.

It’s also a good idea to flick the barrel a few times in order to export any air bubbles. Now it’s time to inject.

Where To Inject 

The best place to go for a beginner is your glute (butt cheek). You want to inject in the outer part of your glute and more towards the top of the glute. It’s a large area and it’s difficult to screw this up.

But mainly you want to stay away from the inner part near your tailbone because the sciatic nerve runs down there. The first time I injected myself I almost started laughing, because what you think is going to hurt like hell, isn’t shit. Push the needle in all the way, don’t half ass it (no pun intended).

Aspirating The Needle 

This technique is vital because it determines whether you’ve hit a vein or not. 

To aspirate the needle you simply pull back on the plunger to ensure no blood comes into the barrel. If you see blood, you’ve hit a vein and you don’t want to be injecting an anabolic compound into your bloodstream.

It won’t kill you, unless you’re injecting something stupid like synthol, but you may experience a few uncomfortable side effects. You’ve also wasted money as anabolic steroids require intramuscular injections to work.

Simply pull it out and go into another site or move over an inch from where you went before. When you use steroids long enough this is bound to happen.

Sometimes you will pull your syringe out after injecting and a small stream of blood will shoot out and scare the shit out of you.

Don't be alarmed, this just means you went through a vein but didn’t inject into one and the bleeding stops after a couple seconds.

Getting Ready To Inject

When you’ve pinned the needle and the barrel is clear of blood push the plunger down slowly. Too quickly and you will get post injection soreness and swelling.

Pull the needle out and wipe the area with a cotton swab to soak up any blood. It’s always good to massage the injection site for a minute or two as this helps to disperse the oil and reduces soreness.

You will be sore from the shot for a few days, it’s perfectly natural. Once you get used to the shots, it gets a lot better. I would try to only hit a site once/wk if you can help it, and this means often rotating injection sites or sides.

If you injected your right glute this week, go ahead and inject your left glute next week. If you’re injecting something twice a week, then go with your right cheek on Monday, and left cheek on Thursday.

Once you get into a steroid stack or start using compounds that require more frequent injections, then you will need to use other sites.

If you want to go into this subject in more detail I highly recommend "Straight From The Underground" by John Doe.

In his book Joe covers in-depth injection techniques, how to combat infections and the best places to inject so you avoid ending up like a pin cushion.

But "Straight From The Underground" is much more than this.  Its a no BS reference guide on everything to do with steroids and how to use them effectively and safely. 

 straight from the underground

It covers everything from starter to hardcore advanced cycles, HRT replacement, cutting diet, human growth hormone and much more.

I wish I had this book back when I started years ago. It would have saved me time, given me more opportunities to grow and laid out the entire blue print for me to follow. I would have been far ahead of the game.

No matter what stage you are at you will find tremendous value in this book.

Gene Dasci

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