Review: The Instant Knockout Fat Burner

Compared to cutting, bulking is a walk in the park. You’ve got to be on top of your calories and making sure the balance between cardio and strength training is spot on.

Then, there’s the fear of losing your hard earned muscle and strength and that the stubborn fat concealing your six pack abs will never melt away.

With all this working against you a little help can really make the difference between getting hard and shredded or ending up looking like Homer Simpson.


For me this help comes in the form of a good quality fat burning supplement. Using fat burners as part of my cutting cycle has consistently helped get rid of stubborn fat without compromising my strength, bulk and endurance.

I'm always on the look out for new products and recently I had the opportunity to trial a new natural fat burning supplement called Instant Knockout.

This product got my attention because it claims to burn abdominal fat and it’s designed for MMA fighters. Intrigued, I decided to try it out and see if it lived up to the hype. So, here's my Instant Knockout review, including my own results.

What Is Instant Knockout

Instant knockout is a fat burning supplement containing 100% natural ingredients. The formula has 10 separate ingredients specifically selected for their thermogenic properties.

What's the Difference to other Fat Burners on the Market

The found three main differences.

The first is the attractive packaging. It really has a cool design and the bottle shaped like a clenched fits is very unique. It really has a look of quality about it.

Second is IKO's formula. Its actually formulated to help boxers and MMA fighters to lose weight for their fights. As I'm a huge fan of MMA I couldn't wait to try it out.

Thirdly, IKO doesn't use a proprietary blend unlike most fat burning pills. Instead, it uses specific amounts of each ingredient and the measurements are clearly labeled. This gives you the advantage that you know exactly what you're taking.

How It Works

IKO is formulated to help boxers and MMA fighters achieve their weigh-in weight before a fight. Making the fight weight is critical to a fighters preparation.

To be at their best they need to maintain as much weight and muscle as close to the fight as possible, then drop the weight quickly without losing energy or lean mass. Very difficult to do, so I was intrigued how IKO could help fighters do this.

Instant Knockout is formulated for MMA fighters to:

  • Increase metabolism
  • Boost energy levels
  • Suppress appetite
diego sanchez mma fighter instant knockout review

MMA Fighter Diego Sanchez uses Instant Knockout to lose weight for his fights

As I'm sure you know, getting cut can be just as challenging. You're having to deal with calorie restrictions that can leave you weak as well coping with the hunger and food cravings.

What's In The Bottle?

There are 10 separate ingredients in each capsule, which is more than I've ever seen in any other fat burner pills.

However, only 4 of would be considered to have thermogenic properties. The other 6 are a mixture of vitamins and minerals for energy and soluble fibers for appetite suppression.

The 4 Fat Burning Ingredients

Green Tea Extract

There's a heck of a lot of clinical research on green tea. Mostly on mice and rats, but on humans too. However, most of the research shows that we can all benefit from green tea, especially when it comes to weight management.

green tea fat burning benefits

The health benefits are linked to green teas high concentrations of polyphenols,in particular Epigallocatechin Gallate (ECCG), which has a positive effect on your metabolism by increasing fat oxidation.

To burn fat efficiently your body breaks down stored fat into smaller cells called triglycerides which are then released into the bloodstream. With more triglycerides flowing through your veins the more fuel you have available for energy to power muscle cells.

Research (1) also reveals ECCG inhibits COMT (Catechol-O-methyltransferase) an enzyme known to degrade norepinephrine. This is important because your central nervous system relies on the norepinephrine hormone to signal fat cells to break down stored fat.

With more norepinephrine you're more effective at breaking down fat cells for energy production. Instead of fat being stored around your abdominals you're using it as energy to fuel your workouts.

Furthermore, several studies (2), (3), (4) show green tea extract helps reduce abdominal fat. If you're finding it difficult to shift your abdominal fat, green tea could be the answer you're looking for.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is found in many fat burners simply because its one of the most effective natural stimulants to boost metabolism and increase fat burning.

It also makes an effective pre-workout supplement because of the focus and intensity it can bring to your workouts.

IKO contains Caffeine Anhydrous the purest and a highly concentrated form of caffeine. By having all its impurities and moisture removed caffeine anhydrous is highly absorbable and therefore more potent.

Cayenne Pepper

When you think of cayenne pepper you probably think of Mexican and Cajun food, but what you may not know, is the peppers effectiveness as a metabolic booster.

cayenne pepper fat loss benefits

Its all to do with capsaicin, a natural compound that gives the red pepper its heat. When eaten capsaicin increases your body's temperature and to cool down the body has to use more energy by burning calories. The net effect is weight loss.

What's more, a study (5) that tested the effects of capsaicin on peoples appetite found that it limited ghrelin, the hormone that makes you feel hungry.

If you're having difficulty with a calorie restrictive diet adding cayenne pepper can help by giving you more control over the quantity of food you eat.


Glucomannan is a natural water soluble dietary fiber extracted from the root of the elephant yam or konjac plant.

The fibers ability to absorb water is exceptional making it a highly effective appetite suppressant. When consumed it expands in your stomach giving you a feeling of fullness.

And let me tell you, this is a great feeling to have on a calorie deficit, because when you feel full, those dreaded food ravings are no longer a problem.

What's more, the natural soluble fiber is effective at reducing fat absorption and is low in calories.

Now, the ingredients above are the 4 main fat burning and appetite suppressing components in the IKO formula, however there are 6 additional ingredients which support the main 4 which I will cover briefly.

If you want to learn more about these ingredients in more detail, I highly recommend you click here.

Vitamin B6 - This essential vitamin is also thermogenic booster, but most importantly vitamin B6 increases the absorption of protein so that you can maintain greater muscle bulk while cutting. In addition, it helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, which can drop when you're eating fewer calories.

Vitamin B12 - helps your body with protein synthesis (muscle building) and converting carbs into glucose (fuel) so you have more energy for training.

Chromium - helps maintain energy levels and stimulates protein synthesis so you can preserve muscle mass even under a calorie deficit diet.

Zinc - studies reveal people with high levels of fat have lower your zinc levels. This essential mineral helps you convert food into energy and is vital for testosterone production, the key hormone for muscle building.

Green Coffee Bean Extract - more clinical studies reveal Chlorogenic Acid, the natural compound found in the bean, slows down the rate of fat absorption and suppresses appetite.

Here's a breakdown of the amount per serving

instant knockout review ingredients

Are There Any Side Effects?

Even natural fat burners are not 100% free from side effects and I don't think IKO is any different.

My only concern would be the high levels of caffeine. Most people, including myself, don't have a problem with caffeine, but others can experience side effects ranging from irritability, sleeplessness, the 'jitters' and headaches.

If you're sensitive to caffeine I would recommend starting cautiously with a smaller dose on a full stomach and see how you re-act to it. If there aren't any issues gradually increase the dose to the recommended level.

I would also recommend that you avoid drinking any liquids containing caffeine while you're taking this fat burner.

If you still have any doubts speak to your doctor before taking the supplement.

The manufacturer recommends that pregnant women and people with a condition do not take IKO.

How To Take Instant Knockout Pills

For best results the manufacturer recommends taking 4 tablets per day.

However, these should be spread out evenly with one pill in the morning, one before lunch, one in the afternoon and the last one at 5pm.

In the beginning, I suggest taking IKO pills on a full stomach to see how you tolerate it. If there aren't any problems try it on an empty stomach. You should experience the effects more quickly.

To avoid restlessness at night, I suggest taking the last pill at least 5 to 6 hours before bedtime.

Customer Feedback and Results

instant knockout review before and after results

"I liked that it has natural ingredients and I can see each individual ingredient, unlike most of the other fat burners.The idea of being able to cut fat but retain muscles sounded promising to me and so i thought it was the best choice for me.

I worked out regularly six days a week for 2 hrs each day, and hour of cardio an hour of weightlifting. I kept a very good diet that was full of protein and vitamins and in the end after taking instant knockout for 3 months these are my results."

Lukas, 18, New Jersey, USA 

instant knockout before and after results melissa

"I used your product for the two month course and I'd just like to say I was completely astounded by the results. My first fear was that I was a woman who wasn't a professional athlete or training to be one, I am simply an eighteen year old who is passionate about being fit and healthy.."

"After the first few days I noticed my appetite was suppressed but on top of this I had sustainable energy throughout the day. Unlike many fat burners, you often feel lethargic, however Instant Knockout is unlike any other product I have tried before. After a week My "loose bits" started to shed and my frame began to look slimmer and leaner."  Melissa, 18, UK

Click here and See More Customer Testimonials

Even though these results look impressive, I'm always skeptical whether these are real or not. That's why I always like to test things out myself. 

My Experience and Results

I bulk 3 times a year and the longest cycle stretched through winter and deep into Spring. I mostly eat a clean diet, though I have one or two McD days to keep me sane.

I then go on maintenance for 2 weeks to allow my body adjust to the new weight gain.

My Cutting Cycle Using IKO

My cutting cycle lasted 6 weeks. The first two weeks I was on a 400 calorie deficit. I began taking Instant Knockout from week 3 and reduced my calorie deficit to 100 calories.

In the final 2 weeks I went back to my original calorie deficit and continued using IKO.

Starting weight - 210Ibs

Body fat (BF) - 16.9%

Here are my results:

Week 1 & 2

Weight - 207.5Ibs (2.5Ibs decrease)

Body fat - 16.2% (0.7% decrease)

Week 3 & 4

Weight - 205.7 (1.8Ibs decrease)

Body fat - 15.6% (0.6% decrease)

Remember, I was eating an extra 300 calories. I was expecting this to be easy but it wasn't. I really had to force myself to eat. So for me, IKO appetite suppression really kicked in during this period.

Also, I felt a noticeable energy boost 45 minutes after taking each pill (on an empty pill) and this made my workouts, especially cardio, more intense and enjoyable. Even with extra calories I still lost weight and reduced body.

Week 5 & 6

Weight - 202.4 (3.3Ibs decrease)

Body fat 14% (1.6 % decrease)

I decided to go back on my original 400 calorie deficit while still taking IKO. The weight loss was rapid and almost immediate. I was seeing more definition around my pecs and abs. At the end of the 2 weeks I had lost 3.3 pounds in weight and my body fat ratio dropped by 1% to 14.7%.

For those interested, my training involved weight training 5 times a week and cardio 3 times a week. When cutting I lift lighter weights at higher reps.

For cardio I use P90x style workouts that involve conditioning and bodyweight exercises to maintain muscle mass. I eat a completely clean diet, no junk.

Pros and Cons


  • Increases Fat Burn
  • Suppresses Hunger
  • Helps Retain Muscle Mass
  • Boosts Energy Levels 
  • 100% natural ingredients


  • high level of caffeine
  • can only buy online
  • not the cheapest


In my opinion, Instant Knockout is a top quality product and definitely one of the best fat burner supplements on the market today. I found its appetite suppressing properties very impressive and this helped me overcome my food cravings which are a serious weakness for me.

Taking IKO, especially on an empty stomach did gave me a massive energy boost. I do recommend that you take one before a workout session as it helped me bring a much higher intensity to my workouts.

Its not the cheapest fat burner on the market and to be honest I was skeptical if it was worth the money. But, after seeing my results I really feel it offers good value for money. So, I would recommend you give it a trial run.

Where to Buy Price and Buying Options

Instant Knockout is only available through the manufacturers official online store at

There are three option for you to buy:

Option 1: 4 Months Supply

  • 3 bottles of IKO (includes 1 FREE bottle & FREE IKO T-Shirt) – US$185 
  • US$0.38 (£0.23) per tablet
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Shipping 

Option 2: 2 Months Supply

  • 2 bottles of IKO – US$118/£70 
  • US$0.49 (£0.29) per tablet
  • FREE shipping to US & UK  

Option 3: 1 Months Supply

  • 1 bottle of IKO – US$59/£35 
  • US$0.49 (£0.29) per tablet 

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