Performance enhancement is shrouded in mystery and miss-information.

Real and truthful knowledge is difficult to come by. 

Even if you're fortunate to piece it together, can you really trust it?

Of course, this is done intentionally.

The Fitness industry don't want you informed they want you dumb and confused...

Keeping you dumb and confused works in their favor.


Because this gives them a reason to peddle their latest supplements, protein shakes and training courses.

Its no different to big pharma. They don't want you cured and healthy.

There's no profit in that.

Big Pharma, like the fitness industry, is in the business of selling hope not a cure.

Self Experimentation Is A Hard Road To Follow

Here's the deal.

No matter how many times you've read the latest training technique, diet or bulking cycle, you'll never have a real understanding or be in a position to advise others, unless you've road tested it yourself.

Self experimenting with steroids isn't for the faint hearted.

It requires patience careful planning, sacrifice, courage and discipline - characteristics in short supply these days. 

Also, you don't want to be guinea pig if you're a complete noob.

This Is Where John Doe Can Help You

John Doe is an old skool bodybuilder with over 17 years of lifting heavy and refining steroid cycles that are a prerequisite for high level competition.

His journey has been one of self experimentation.

Through his own self-discipline, courage and patience John Doe has accomplished an iron clad mindset and a physique the envy of many.

John has taken those 17 years and condensed them into a 58 page book called "Straight from the Underground".

Its a no bullshit guide full of battle tested knowledge from a veteran who has built an iron physique and mindset.

Take advantage of John Doe's 17 years of knowledge and experience and transform your body in weeks!

John's approach is unique.

Unlike many juice heads obsessed with getting big, no matter what the cost, John puts his own health and well-being as his to priority.  

What's Inside "Straight From The Underground"?

Straight from the Underground covers everything you need to know about the performance enhancement game.

Here's just some the insider knowledge you're going to gain:

  • thumbs-up
    Erectile dysfunction drugs
  • thumbs-up
    Hormone replacement
  • Ancillary compounds 
  • Steroid side effects 
  • thumbs-up
    Recovery protocals
  • Effective dosing
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    Bulking cycles
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Knowing this will put you ahead of 98% of guys who are clueless!

Knowledge Based on REAL Experience

In Straight From The Underground, John Does gives you a practical and common sense approach to steroids.

You'll discover in detail the most effective cycles for bulking and cutting, the potential side effects and the most effective PCT's to deal with them.

For example, he advocates regular blood work and shows you how to break down the results so they make sense.

His systematic approach to cycles takes into consideration the level you're currently at. 

Got Low Testosterone?

John goes into detail about how to combat this serious issue with Hormone Replacement Therapy. Again, John's speaking from real experience having been on HRT for years, due to his long term steroid use.

What's more, there are chapters covering advanced techniques using human growth hormone, insulin and peptides. 

john doe straight from the underground pdf

Straight from the Underground covers everything you need to know about the performance enhancement game

What You'll Find In "Straight From the Underground" That You Won't Find in Any other book on Steroids 

Real First Hand Experience

As I've said this is a "NO BS" book.

John only discloses techniques, cycles, steroids that he has personally tested himself.

He tells you straight what works, what doesn't and what is full of crap. 

Imagine the time you're going save, the frustration and doubt you're going to avoid by having 17 years of battle tested knowledge in the palm of your hand.

All you're required to do is simply read and apply.

'Straight from the Underground' is the trusted wing man covering your back.

Honest and Integrity

So-called experts in mainstream media have a hidden agenda. 

They're always trying to peddle something, whether its latest bodybuilding supplement or protein shake. 

No where in the book will you find up sells to crappy supplements or a master training program.

In contrast, John Doe's motivation is to help and teach you.

No Fluff, Just Tried and Tested Knowledge You Can Apply Today

'Straight from the Underground' may only be 58 pages but, each subject is explained in detail.

There's no fluff filling up the pages.

John Doe explains everything in a no nonsense way that is easy to understand and most importantly apply.

Who Should Read "Straight from the Underground"

Straight from the Underground is only for those who are serious about building the ultimate body.

If you're not serious about applying what you learn, you won't transform your body.

You're just wasting your time and money.

With that said.....

'Straight from the Underground' will Benefit 

  • Beginners who want to know if they should use gear and what to use.
  • The 20 year old punk who needs to know what and how much he can take without f**king himself up.
  • Natties who've hit their natural limits and are considering steroids to reach the next level
  • Weekend warriors already on moderate cycles but want to take it to an advanced level.
  • The guys who want to step on to the bodybuilding stage.
  • Middle aged guys considering HRT but need answers.


I wish I had this knowledge when I started out.

I would've been so far ahead of the game in terms size and strength. 

​Just thinking about that makes me want to weep.

Believe me, you'll find tremendous value in this book.  ​

How much does it cost?


For 17 years of hard earned experience... 

That's what I call a no-brainer.

A small investment to make to change your life.

But that decision is up to you.

The Ultimate Guide on Performance Enhancement! 

Training, diet advice and gear plans to get you JACKED fast! 

Gene Dasci

Hi, My name is Gene and I'm the creator and editor of this website. I've been involved in bodybuilding for over 9 years and my mission is to share my personal knowledge and experience to help you become a better version of yourself.

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