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Gains between 20Ibs to 30Ibs on an 8 week cycle combined with a proper diet and training are not uncommon.

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crazybulk dbal pills review

DBal Review

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crazybulk dbal pills review

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Dianabol (methandrostenolone) Anabolic Steroid Reviews

If you're not aware already, Dianabol also known as Dbol, is one of the first steroids used for performance enhancement.

In fact, it was the second steroid after synthetic testosterone. D Bol is very similar to testosterone with the only two main differences.

By the way, the steroids official name is Methandrostenolone

Impressive Gains in Size and Strength

dianabol results before and after

​No matter how hard he worked out James couldn't get the muscle definition and strength he desired.

After 4 weeks on DBal he packed on an extra 2.5 kgs of lean muscle mass and his bench press increased from 80kg to 130kg. No wonder he's got a smile on his.

Discover what DBal could do for you...

The first one is that Dianabol has an extra double carbon bond at the carbon 1 and 2 position. This double bond lowers the steroids androgenic effects, while at the same time maintaining and even increasing its anabolic qualities.

The second difference is that D Bol is a C-17 ​alpha-alkylated steroid, meaning it can be taken orally because as it can pass through the liver without it being destroyed.

However, this means Dianabol is liver toxic, although not as toxic as other C-17 aa anabolic steroids. For these reasons, D-Bol only cycles or stacks should be planned out.

Dianabol is categorized as a bulking steroid and is often used to kick start a bulking cycle during the first 5 to 6 weeks. This is because the steroid is well known to produce fast gains in muscle mass, strength and weight.

It achieves this by promoting protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, two important factors for increasing muscle tissue. 

Taking it at the start enables you to experience gains earlier on in the cycle while the other ester injectable anabolic steroids, which are slower, catch up.

With Dianabol, you can expect to gain as much as 20 to 30 pounds. 

Dbol is often used mid cycle, especially when muscle gains begin to slow down.​ By adding dianabol you can bust through many of these mid cycle plateaus.

In addition, the steroid is has many performance enhancing qualities that are especially advantageous to athletes.

This is not surprising as this was why the steroid was created in the first place. These performance enhancing qualities include strength and muscular endurance.

In this section we will be reviewing different variations of the Dianabol steroid, how they are used, the results you can expect and of the course the side effects that you need to be aware of.

As time goes on, more articles in the review section will added continuously.

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