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CrazyBulk Bulking Stack

Legal Steroid Stack for rapid gains in size and strength.


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CrazyBulk's Bulking Stack Review

crazybulk bulking stack review

You've probably read a lot of CrazyBulk bulking stack reviews and got the impression they're either not genuine or biased.

And I would have to agree with you.

Some of the Crazy bulk reviews I've read were so biased I had to stop reading them after the first few paragraphs.

To be honest, I had a hard time finding any genuine reviews I could trust.

Most CrazyBulk reviews are FAKE!

So, I decided to re-address the balance and write my own.

In my Crazy bulk review I give you my honest opinion about this stack, the claims, the good, the bad and whether it's worth buying. 

But, there's something we need to clear up first...

CrazyBulk Stacks Do NOT contain Anabolic Steroids

Several Crazy Bulk reviews give you the impression that CrazyBulk bulking stacks contain real anabolic steroids. 

Let me make it clear - this product does not contain anabolic steroids or any banned substances for that matter.

Either the people writing the reviews are too lazy to do the research, or they're deliberately trying to confuse you.

With that being said, CrazyBulk has to take some responsibility because they do market their products as 'legal steroids.'

So, it's understandable that certain people; particularly beginners could easily mistake their products as real steroids.

What Exactly are CrazyBulk Products?

crazy bulk legal steroid stack range

Crazy Bulk products are categorized as premium-grade bodybuilding supplements.

They're formulated to mimic the anabolic results of real steroids.

However, they earn their legal status because they contain no banned substances. The ingredients are 100% natural.

Are legal steroid alternatives as powerful as real anabolic steroids?

No, not to the same extent, otherwise you would experience the harsh side effects common with steroid use.

There are no reported side effects with Crazy Bulk bodybuilding stacks. 

If you think that Crazybulks DecaDuro delivers the same gains as the real Deca Durabolin, you'll be disappointed.

But again, you avoid Deca's embarrassing side effects such as gyno.

6 Ways The CrazyBulk Stack Promotes Lean Muscle Mass

legal steroid bulking stacks

The bulking stack contains 4 of CrazyBulk's best selling legal steroid alternatives to the very powerful anabolic bulking steroids:

  • circle
    Deca Durabolin
  • circle
  • circle
  • circle

Each separate product is powerful on its own.

But combined in a single stack; the synergistic effects are multiplied, maximizing the overall potency of each supplement.

According to the official website the Crazy Bulk bulking stack is designed to:

  • 1
    Promote testosterone production - you already know the importance of this
  • 2
    Minimize body fat for head-turning muscle definition
  • 3
    Faster recovery times to train harder more often
  • 4
    Improve nitrogen retention for bigger pumps
  • 5
    Accelerate muscle growth
  • 6
    Increase strength to lift more

And remember, you get all the above without side effects.

Too Good to be True?

Certainly sounds like it.

But we all know, the quality of any product is determined by real customers who have tried and tested it.

Later, I go into detail about customer reviews and testimonials and why I think most of them are not credible.

In the meantime, I have to say that in the last five years things have changed for the better.

But only a select few legal steroid companies have upped their game in producing high-quality products that come close to mimicking the anabolic effects of real steroids.

And I've no hesitation placing CrazyBulk in that elite group.

Look, if you've spent any time in the gym, you'll have seen these guys.

The ones with the lucky genetics who pile on muscle mass while hardly breaking a sweat.

While guys like you and me are busting our asses day in day out, with little to show for it.

It's enough to pack it all in. But we won't because we're not quitters.

All we need is a little help, an edge, to get the body we desire.

The CrazyBulk stack is designed for guys like you and me, so we can compete with the genetically gifted and keep their ego in check.

So, could this be the missing link you've been searching for?

Who is this Legal Bulking Stack For?

summer muscle bulk

The CrazyBulk stack is perfect if you're serious about bodybuilding and...

  • are bored with newbie gains and want to move up another level
  • want a natural way to get full muscle volume and definition
  • want a safe, legal alternative to accelerate muscle growth
  • maximize results from their training and diet
  • smash through a training plateau

Look, if you accept that 'magic pills' can't replace the dedication needed to build huge muscle gains, then CrazyBulk's legal steroid bulking stack could be the extra edge you need.

  • check-square
    You can buy the Legal Bul​​​​​​​​​king Stack by clic​king here

But This Stack Is NOT For Everyone

Remember, this stack doesn't contain anabolic steroids.

They're safe and legal steroid supplements that mimic the results of real steroids without the nasty emotional and physical side effects. 

If you're a 'juicehead' or a 'noob' looking to buy illegal steroid drugs, then try your luck on the black market.

Crazy Bulk Stacks can produce results but they're not a substitute for hard work

And if you think Crazy Bulk bodybuilding supplements are a substitute for discipline, training, healthy eating habits and good sleep. Think again.

Hate to break spell, but these aren't miracle pills and if you believe they exist, my advise to you is - find another purpose in life.

3 Ways CrazyBulk's Bulking Stack Works To Make You Bigger

best bulking stack

Creating a stack is not  a simple matter of throwing a bunch of steroids together as if they were candy.

Creating the best bulking stack requires careful thought and planning because of the many anabolic steroid combinations and variations you can use.

The trick is knowing the best combination that's going to give you maximum results.

CrazyBulk combines their Top Bulking Supplements into one powerful stack

CrazyBulk has applied the same principles to this legal bulking stack.

They've combined their best legal steroids for packing on serious size and increasing strength.

And it achieves this in the three ways:

1. Enables Positive Nitrogen Balance 

Ever wondered why you're making slow gains?

Well, there's a good chance you have a negative nitrogen balance.

Let me explain.

Nitrogen is a chemical compound only found in protein, and that's why its a crucial anabolic indicator. 

We all know protein is the vital building block for anabolic growth and muscle repair.

Without protein, you can't build muscle, full stop.

Your nitrogen balance can fluctuate between three levels of positive, negative and equilibrium.

With a positive nitrogen balance, your body is retaining more nitrogen than wasting it.

That's a good thing because you have higher levels of protein to build more muscle.

In contrast, a negative nitrogen balance forces you into a catabolic state - not good!

A catabolic state forces the body to extract protein from muscle tissue to get the nitrogen it needs to function correctly.

When you're in a catabolic state, you lose muscle.

An equilibrium means your nitrogen intake and output is the same; it's neither positive or negative.

Bottom line, if you want more muscle and strength you need to either maintain or increase to a positive nitrogen retention level.

What's the best way to achieve a positive balance?


Flood your muscle cells with quality proteins and essential amino acids, which by the way, are contained in the CrazyBulk Stack.

2. Maximize Testosterone Production

The male hormone testosterone is the key driver of muscle growth.

If you're serious about making your training count and taking your gains to the next level you need to keep testosterone levels as high as possible.

Men's T-Levels are under attack!

Unfortunately, environmental pollution, lack of outdoor exposure and modern life, in general, is playing havoc with men's T-levels.

In fact, men's testosterone levels are at their lowest since testing began!

So it makes sense, to do everything you can to boost and maintain your testosterone levels.

3. Increase Oxygen for Peak Performance

Oxygen is the vital fuel that powers the body and brain.

When you lack oxygen, you're performance levels, and gains suffer.

Get more oxygen into the red blood cells, and you're performance levels improve.

Insert text

Get more oxygen into the muscle cells, and you train harder for longer and recover faster.

This ultimate combination guarantees rapid muscle growth. 

The CrazyBulk Bulking Stack Ingredients That Matter

best steroid cycle for size

CrazyBulks legal steroid stack contains four bodybuilding supplements.

I've listed each one below with its most essential ingredients:

D-Bal (Legal Dianabol Alternative)

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's)
  • Whey protein concentrate - fast absorbing protein
  • circle
    Isoleucine -second most powerful and when combined with leucine forge a formidable anabolic combo
  • circle
    Valine - plays an essential role as an oxygen transporter to muscles 
  • circle
    Whey protein concentrate - fast absorbing
  • circle
    Tribulus terrestris - a natural and potent stimulant for boosting testosterone production

For our full review of D Bal click here.

Deca Duro (Legal Deca Durabolin Alternative)

  • circle
    L-arginine & L-citrulline - stimulates nitro oxide production for superior pumps and endurance.
  • circle
    Panax ginseng - natural energy and testosterone booster.
  • circle
    Wild Yam Root - potent fatigue buster and stamina booster.

Testo-Max (Sustanon Alternative)

  • circle
    D-Aspartic Acid - an essential amino acid that releases multiple testosterone production hormones.
  • circle
    Boron - rare trace mineral with potent t-booster properties and estrogen suppressor.
  • circle
    Stinging Nettle Root - multiple animal studies show nettle root can increase free testosterone.
  • circle
    Red Ginseng - promotes nitro oxide and sexual performance

Trenorol (Trenbolone Alternative)

  • circle
    Beto Sitosterol - boosts natural testosterone and sexual libido.
  • circle
    Nettle leaf extract - helps increase circulation of free testosterone.
  • circle
    Pepsin - digestive enzyme breaks down protein for greater absorption.

A Legal Steroid Stack With No Side Effects

Sure, anabolic steroids produce impressive results.

But there's a flip-side.

A flip-side most beginners don't realise.

With the gains come the side effects, the shrinking testicles, the limp dick and the bitch tits.

Then there's the hassle and cost involved with on-cycle protection and post cycle therapy to limit the damage.

Thankfully, there's none of this hassle with this legal bulking stack because its 100% natural.

Does the CrazyBulk Bulking Stack Actually Work?

OK, you've heard what it can do, but can it deliver?

Can it help you build more muscle and crush your goals?

The best proof is in the results of those who are already using it.

Now, the official CrazyBulk website has one of the most impressive testimonial pages I've ever seen.

Plenty of 'before and after' photos - like the one above - of happy customers making remarkable gains and crushing their goals.

All good, but... you would expect this from the supplement company.

Review sites are not the most credible sources for genuine reviews 

Supplement companies want to position their products in the most favorable light, right?

That's why I don't consider them the most credible examples.

And there's no point checking Amazon, as this stack is only available through the CrazyBulk official website.

Where can you find REAL honest reviews online?

The best place to find real credible reviews is on social media.


Because you'll find hard-gainers and gym-rats chatting with their friends about the supplements they're taking.

And because they're not affiliated with any supplement company, you can be sure they're telling the truth.

So, I spent a few hours doing detective work on Instagram and Twitter to find out what people are saying about Crazy Bulk legal steroids.

Here's what I found...

CrazyBulk Bulking Stack Results and REAL User Feedback

corey fitness crazybulk review
crazybulk stack review instagram
crazybulk stack review instagram 2
legal steroid stack instagram

As you can see from these real reviews, most are happy with the results they're getting with CrazyBulk supplements.

I didn't find any negative reviews during my search. But I'm sure if you spent more time you would probably see some.

And this wouldn't be surprising because even the top bodybuilding supplements get bad reviews.

Not everyone gets the same results. We're all biologically unique and react differently to these supplements.

CrazyBulk Bulking Stack Review Summary 

CrazyBulk's bodybuilding stack combines 4 of their most potent premium grade bulking agents.

The combined power of this stack arms you with a formidable tool to rapidly build massive size and raw strength while decreasing body fat.


Its apparent Crazy Bulk spent considerable time putting this stack together.

Each supplement has a purpose and together make an impressive muscle building combo - a combined force that won't go unnoticed.

You can expect far more intense workouts, faster recovery and ultimately more muscle.

With a CrazyBulk bulking stack cycle you can expect:

  • Maximum muscle growth
  • Improved fat metabolism
  • Increase in raw strength
  • check
    Intense muscle pumps
  • check
    Increased motivation
  • check
    No side effects
  • check
    More stamina
  • check
    Energy boost

It's worth repeating, that each product serves a specific purpose, and when stacked together they work as a highly trained team with one single objective - faster muscle gains.


OK, not all products are perfect, and this legal steroid stack is no different.

It's on the pricey side. Which, to be honest, is what you would expect for superior legal alternatives.

However, comparing the cost to a real steroid stack, you would expect to pay $500 or more.

And that price excludes the cost of on-cycle support and ancillaries you need for PCT.

I'd only recommend the stack if you're really serious about building muscle. If you're going to half-ass it, don't buy it.

If you want this stack, but the price is putting you off, then CrazyBulk's current promotion may help change you're mind.

At the moment there's a special Buy 2 get 1 free offer which you can save up to 58% off the retail price.

To take advantage of this deal while stocks last... click here.

And, worldwide shipping is FREE.

Another drawback is that you can't buy the stack on Amazon or GNC.

Currently, you can buy the CrazyBulk stack through the official website.

Our Verdict

If you're like me, you go to the gym to get big and strong.

You don't waste time posing, stroking your ego or getting a boner staring at some chicks bubble butt.

You lift heavy, you eat tons of protein, and you make it a priority to schedule your life to squeeze as much gym time as possible.

And why do you do this?

Because you're serious.

And if you're serious, you need a stack that's equally serious, and that stack is CrazyBulk.

However, let's get one thing straight.

This bulking stack is not like those 'mainstream' bodybuilding stacks that litter the e-commerce stores.

It's not designed to give you hulk-like gains or 'superhero' strength in one week. That's all BS anyway.

No, this premium grade bodybuilding stack can deliver results you want as long as you put in the hard work.

In my opinion, the stack ticks all the boxes for increasing protein synthesis - the most important biological process for building lean muscle mass.

So, if you're serious, you can learn more about the stack by visiting the official CrazyBulk Website now.

FAQ's - about CrazyBulk Bulking Stack

Do I have to run a PCT with the CrazyBulk Stack?

No, you don't need to worry about running a Post Cycle Therapy as each product in the stack is made from 100% natural ingredients.

I hate needles, do I have to inject?

Not with this stack. Each supplement is in pill form.

How long does it take before I see results?

Good question. As long as you're training hard and your diet is dialed in you should experience noticeable gains within 3 to 4 weeks. I do recommend taking 'before and after' photos, as you'd be surprised how small gradual gains go unnoticed when you're checking the mirror every day. 

Does Crazy Bulks stack cause any side effects?

The stack contains only safe legal steroid alternatives. These are not real anabolic steroids drugs that result in serious side effects.

However, this doesn't mean everyone's immune to side effects, because even with a natural bodybuilding stack adverse reactions may occur.

For example, I'm quite sensitive to caffeine, which are stimulants commonly found in many bulking stack supplements. Too much, and I get the jitters and anxious. But then, others take them and experience no effects at all. What I'm saying, is that we're all different.

The bottom line is that the ingredients used in these natural bodybuilding supplements are 100% natural and formulated in FDA approved laboratories.

Will I fail a drug test?

Of course not. The stack doesn't use any FDA banned substances so that you can sleep easy before your drug test.

Does this stack require a prescription?

No prescriptions are required as this stack contains only legal steroid alternative supplements.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can, but be advised, the refund period only lasts for seven days from the time of purchase and the product must be returned unopened. It means you can't test it out and return it if you don't see any gains. Its unfortunate, but a common practice with supplement companies who do for economic reasons as they can't re-use bottles with a broken seal.

Is Crazybulk's customer service any good?

I've had a few bad experiences with other supplement companies, but so far, CrazyBulks customer service is excellent, both friendly and efficient. The customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you can also contact them on WhatsApp.

How long should I run a bulking cycle with this stack?

For optimal results, Crazy Bulk recommend that you cycle the bulking stack for a total of 8 weeks. But you can run a cycle for longer because the stack contains 100% natural ingredients which are entirely safe.

How do I use it?

CrazyBulk recommends you take Testo-Max first thing in the morning to give your testosterone levels a boost. Then before your workout take D-Bal, DecaDuro, and Trenerol to boost strength, performance and recovery time for maximum muscle growth.

I live in the UK - how much will delivery cost me?

Nothing. CrazyBulk offers FREE worldwide delivery on all orders.

Is this stack suitable for a cutting cycle?

Even though it contains Trenerol, which can promote fat metabolism, this is a true bulking stack. To get shredded with clear definition I would recommend their cutting stack.

Is this stack suitable for female athletes?

Yes. The stack is designed to improve overall performance including strength and endurance. So, both long-distance endurance athletes and sprinters should benefit from using the stack.

Is the stack suitable for a beginner bulking cycle?

It would make an excellent beginner bulking stack. But, if you're starting out, I would advise waiting six months until you're training and diet are on point. In the meantime, consider using one of the supplements in the stack for that extra boost and motivation. My choice would be D-Bal.