Liquid Dbol vs. Dianabol Pills - Which Is Best?

In this article we're going to cover the difference between liquid Dbol vs Pills, the best Dianabol cycles to use, what results to expect, the side effects, protection protocols and safer anabolic alternatives

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Steroids, the mere mention of the word causes people to break out into a cold sweat.

They think about “roid rage”, conjuring up images of timid young guys transforming into raging maniacs.

Of course, this is a myth.

One of the reasons why anabolic steroids have a negative stigma is the fact that most guys don’t understand what they’re talking about in regards to steroids.

Not only that, they also see biased documentaries or newspaper stories about how evil steroids are.

They buy into it without doing any research. 


This isn't a pro-steroid article and I don't condone the use of steroids.

 But, in the wrong hands, anabolic steroids are very dangerous.

All steroids should be treated with care and respect if you do insist on using them.

Another myth is that without steroids you can't gain serious size.

Steroids do build muscle, but even if you do it right, they'll only contribute 6-8% of the gains you make.

And that's if you've reached your body's natural limits.

Here's the thing, steroids have little effect if you're training and diet aren't dialed in. 

These are vital factors most young guys ignore.

Anyway, enough of the rant. Let's talk about Dianabol

Dianabol Steroid Profile

Dianabol, sometimes known as Dbol, is an easy to source, cheap, and effective bulking steroid that is relatively mild compared to most other compounds.

D-Bol is available in liquid and pill form, though many users are split 50/50 about which form of D Bol, is the best.

The steroid has also a similar chemical profile to testosterone.

It's actually a C17aa - alpha alkylated steroid which means that it passes through the liver when taken in oral form.

Liquid Dianabol vs Oral DBol Pills: What’s The Difference?

Dianabol is considered the second oldest steroid currently in existence, second only to testosterone itself.

Its chemical name is Methandrostenolone and it was created in the late 1950’s in direct competition to testosterone.

Testosterone was produced solely for performance enhancing purposes and the Russian athletes were using the steroid with great success during the Olympic games.

Commonly taken orally, there are liquid Dianabol variations such as Reforvit B, which some D-Bol users consider safer and more effective than DBol tablets.

As explained earlier, Dianabol pills are c17aa steroids.

This means it has been altered at the 17th carbon position, to allow the steroid to pass through the liver and make its way into the bloodstream.

Without the alteration, the liver, the vital organ for removing toxins from your body, would filter it out before it had a chance to make its way into the bloodstream.

As oral absorption enables D-Bol to pass through the liver, the steroid can put enormous stress on the vital organ making  Dianabol very liver toxic.

In contrast, liquid injectable dbol is considered a safer alternative.


Because by injecting the steroid directly into the bloodstream, it bypasses the liver and doesn’t put this vital organ under stress.

However, injectable Methandrostenolone poses its own risks.

Injections can leave you open to infection, possible air bubbles trapped in the syringe and pain around the injection area.

To complicate matters further, liquid oral Dbol can be consumed orally however, this means it has to make its way through your liver.

Liquid DBol Cycle Duration and Dianabol Dosage Levels

As it's considered safer on the liver, liquid DBol is probably the better option if you'e a beginner.

What's more, liquid Dianabol is a an effective steroid for any mass building stack.

But remember, whether its liquid or pills, both forms of DBol are still the same steroid.

For this reason, cycle duration for forms are the same - 4 weeks

For dosage levels the acceptable range is between 25 mg to a maximum of 50 mgs of DBol per day.

Beginner doses should start around between 10 mg to 20 mg a day.

Many experienced steroid users don't recommend running a DBol only cycle due to its toxicity, broad range of side effects and its highly suppressive nature.

The bottom line.

DBol will wipe out your testosterone levels.

That's why bodybuilders often stack D-Bol with a synthetic form of testosterone. 

What Liquid DBol Results You Can Expect

Remember, liquid and DBol caps are exactly the same, so don’t expect dramatic results if you decide to switch from oral to liquid.

With Liquid oral methandrostenolone you can expect:

  • Rapid gains in size and weight
  • Increase in strength
  • Prolonged endurance

Another reason bodybuilders love D-Bol are its rapid results.

Its not uncommon to see results within the second week of a cycle and that's why its perfect for kick-starting bulking cycles.

It helps enhance stamina and endurance so you can maximize your workouts and the amazing muscle pumps will last longer than average.

The bottom line.

Results from injectable DBol compared to taking Dianabol pills orally will be same.

The only main thing to consider is that injecting it is thought to be much safer for the liver.

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How to Take it

If you're going to use the liquid form, you then need to decide whether to inject it or drink it.

To be honest, drinking the liquid version offers no benefit over dianabol pills because both are processed via the liver. 

Furthermore, liquid oral DBol is often suspended in alcohol - another toxin - your liver needs to deal with. 

Also, suspended in alcohol can leave a strong 'boozy' aftertaste.

If you don't like the taste try mixing it with fruit juice.  

Applying liquid Dbol under the tongue is considered the fastest way for absorbing the compound into the blood stream. 

A popular way to administer liquid D-Bol is with an oral syringe which are available for a few bucks at your local drug store.

6 Liquid DBol Side Effects to Watch Out For

Whatever form you take, this anabolic steroid is toxic and you'll still need the necessary precautions to protect yourself, especially on your first cycle.

Although, Methandrostenolone may not be the most toxic, the side effects are more far reaching than any other steroid. 

The main dianabol side effects to watch out for are...

  • Exclamation Triangle
    High blood pressure
  • Water retention
  • Liver toxicity
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Facial acne
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Hair loss
  • Gyno

You're main priority is to protect your vital organs especially the liver.

To protect the liver, take a liver support supplement such as a milk thistle or for overall protection use a high grade supplement like N2Guard.

Its worth bearing in mind that Methandrostenolone is very easy to aromatize and convert to estrogen.

For this reason, aromatize inhibitors may come in useful in combating estrogen-related side effects of gyno, acne, puffy bloated face, water retention and weight gain.

Post Cycle Therapy using SERMS

I can't emphasize enough the importance running a PCT at the end of your cycle.

A PCT is essential for recovery because your hormones are going to be out of whack.

Most importantly, and especially with Dianabol, you're testosterone levels will have taken a pounding.

After a DBol cycle you need to increase T levels quickly as you'll lose your hard earned gains as well as feeling like sh!t.

Many of top bodybuilders and guys who have been on the 'juice' for years use include some of form of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERM) in their PCT.

The most popular SERM's used in a PCT are Nolvadex or Clomid.

For example, Clomid can be run for 5 weeks at 150mg/ED for the first two weeks, then 100 mg/ED for the next two weeks, and finally, 50 mg/ED for the final week.

Consider liver cleansing/supporting supplement such as Milk Thistle to keep this vital organ healthy. 

Last but not least, choose a top quality testosterone booster to help you recover as fast as possible and preserve those gains.

Is there a Safer Alternative to DBol?

If you're worried about the adverse health effects, not to mention the high cost of anabolic steroids, you can always opt for safe, legal steroid alternatives instead.

The quality and potency of Dianabol steroid alternatives has improved drastically over the last 5 years.

They may not be as powerful as real steroids but they can deliver that that extra 5% edge without the water retention, male tits and ugly acne face.

And don't forget.

They're far cheaper, with the added bonus of being safe and 100% legal.