In this Guide we'll cover all the Deca Durabolin Side Effects, Best Deca cycles and how to stay healthy with safe dosages and PCT's


Deca durabolin is the brand name for nandrolone decanoate one of the most popular injectable anabolic androgenic steroids around. The term decanoate refers to the ester attached to the nandrolone hormone.

Deca was and still is a big favorite among bodybuilders including the great Arnie Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva.

Nandrolone decanoate was developed by the pharmaceutical company Organon and released for commercial use in the 1960's.

As it turns out, decanoate wasn't the first nandrolone drug as a shorter ester surfaced in the late 1950's called nandrolone phenylpropionate or NPP.

Although fast acting, NPP's shorter ester required multiple injections which became a big problem for most users.

Instead, the longer ester nandrolone decanoate was developed to reduce the number of injections.

Chemical Profile

Nandrolone decanoate is classed as a 19-nortestosterone anabolic androgen steroid. Its actually very similar to testosterone with the only difference being a missing carbon atom from the 19th position.

Although a minor modification, it give Deca a slightly higher anabolic rating than testosterone and the androgenic side effects are milder compared to other AAS's.

The ester attached to nandrolone controls the drugs release in the body. The decanoate ester is one of the longest and this allows the drug to remain in the body for up to 15 days. This is considerably longer than NAP which is only stays in the body for up to 4 days.

However, a slow release ester means results take longer to kick in. In most cases, Deca gains take 3 to 4 weeks to appear after the first injection, although some can experience a spike shortly after injecting.

Deca Durabolin Results and Uses

Deca has a relatively low anabolic rating of 125 however, its still a powerful mass builder. You'll also experience gains in strength and energy levels.

A unique trait of deca is its mild androgenic effects. The drugs low androgenic rating of 37 makes it a favorite with bodybuilders and athletes with a predisposition to androgenic side effects.

In addition, nandrolone steroids have low estrogenic conversion. Compared to testosterone, only one fifth of nandrolone converts to estrogen.

A contributing factor to nandrolone decanoate's low estrogenic activity is due to the drugs progestin nature, which is a common trait in 19-nortestosterone steroids.

However, deca's progestin nature can stimulate estrogen activity and increase estrogen related side effects.

''Deca is a powerful mass builder and its mild side effects make it a big favorite with bodybuilders and athletes."

Medicinal Use

Deca nandrolone is highly regarded in the medical field because of its effectiveness at treating muscle wasting diseases, osteoporosis and anemia.

In recent years, the steroid drug has successfully treated the muscle wasting symptoms of HIV/AIDS.

Nitrogen Retention

Most anabolic's help retain nitrogen in the body, however Deca is particularly good at it. Even at low doses, deca is highly effective at holding on to nitrogen in the muscle cells.

Nitrogen is an essential component for muscle growth because the muscle cells need it to assimilate more protein - the building block of muscle growth. So, the more you retain the more you're going to gain.

Increases IGF-1 Production

Deca increases IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) a highly anabolic hormone produced in the liver.

A primary function of IGF-1, which is very similar to Human Growth Hormone (HGH), is to enhance muscle growth through the assimilation of amino acids, fatty acids and glucose.

Also, IGF-1 helps the body increase cells within the muscle tissue resulting in more lean gains.

Less Liver Toxic

As with all injectable steroids, nandrolone decanoate is easier on the liver compared to the oral compounds anadrol, anavar, trenbolone and dianabol.

Therapeutic Benefits

Deca's therapeutic benefits are a big reason why many bodybuilders and athletes love using this steroid. The compound helps relieve joint pain and enhance the synthesis of collagen in the joints.

Research shows that the nandrolone hormones ability to improve absorption of calcium helps to strengthen bone density.

For example, a 2 year study by the University of Sao Paolo, Brazil measured the effects of nandrolone decanoate on bone mineral density and muscle growth in elderly women with osteoporosis.

The first group were given 55mgs nandrolone decanoate and 500mgs of calcium per day. The second group were given a placebo as well as 500mgs of calcium.

The results at the end of the 2 year study revealed the women in the nandrolone group experienced significant gains in bone mineral density and muscle mass.

Nandrolone Side Effects 

Many consider deca Durabolin side effects to be milder to other anabolic and androgenic steroids. However, this is somewhat misguided.

The so-called 'mild' tag is a legacy of deca's early days when little was known of what the drug can do now.

Yes, injectable deca side effects are milder, but the drug still has the potential to harm if proper care isn't taken seriously.

Its important to emphasize - not everyone - experiences side effects when using deca, especially those not genetically predisposed to the androgen's androgenic nature.

However, a carefully planned Deca PCT is a must when running a deca durabolin cycle.

Testosterone Suppression

Luteinizing hormone (LH) and Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) are hormones essential for producing testosterone and healthy sperm in men and fertility in women.

A severe side effect of nandrolone is that it shuts down your natural testosterone production. Although common with all anabolic compounds Deca shuts you down at very low dosage levels.

In fact, studies show that a 100mgs or less of deca can virtually wipe out natural T levels. Low T levels lead to many adverse side effects and its a situation you really want to avoid.

"Even at low doses Deca can severely lower your natural testosterone levels."

Nandrolone decanoate also inhibits the sex hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which lowers libido. Long term use has long term implications on your libido. This side effect can be so severe that bodybuilders refer to it as 'Deca Dick'.

A study by the Karolinska Institute of Sweden found that long term users of nandrolone suppressed their levels of Luteinizing Hormone ( LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) for over a year.

Because of its high rate of suppression a deca only cycle should be avoided. Instead, an exogenous form of testosterone should added as a supporting compound using TRT testosterone replacement therapy doses to keep levels stable.

A PCT is important, but it won't bring natural testosterone levels back to normal levels. Only time can do this. A PCT's job is to recover levels to a point were you are able to function while your body works on increasing levels naturally.

Estrogenic Side Effects

Nandrolone has a very low estrogenic activity and doesn't convert to estrogen at high levels. When compared to testosterone, only 20% of Deca aromatize's.

Even though deca's estrogenic effects are low developing gynecomastia, water retention and other estrogen related side effects is still a risk, especially for those predisposed to these conditions.

This risk is more common with 19-nortestosterone compounds because they have an affinity to increase levels of prolactin and progesterone. Prolactin is the female hormone that stimulates milk production in the mammary glands.

William Lewellyn, a recognized authority on performance enhancing drugs in sport, has made extensive investigative studies that show a strong link with the development of gyno and an imbalance of progesterone and estrogen.

As it turns out, the side effects of progesterone are similar to estrogen. Both suppress testosterone, increase fat storage, enlarge the prostrate gland and increase the risk of gynecomastia.

Many bodybuilders manage elevated levels of prolactin with prolactin antagonist drugs Pramipexole and Cabergoline.

Androgenic Side Effects

deca durabolin side effects hair loss

Hair loss is a risk with Deca especially if you're predisposed to male pattern baldness.

Nandrolone decanoate androgenic rating of 37 makes it one of the lowest of all AAS's and is another reason why this steroid is very popular.

Even though the androgenic activity is weak users are still at risk of developing the common androgenic side effects of acne, oily skin, and excessive body and facial hair.

Men genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness have a greater risk of losing their hair sooner when using this compound.

Finasteride and other 5-alpha reductase inhibitors are often recommended to combat hair loss while taking 19-nortestosterone anabolic androgen steroids.

However, a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor may even accelerate hair loss while on deca steroid only cycle.

How can this happen?

Nandrolone converts to dihydronandrolone by interacting with an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase (5AR). With no 5AR enzyme nandrolone would convert more to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is an androgen far more potent than DHN.

Its also well documented that elevated DHT levels are major cause of male pattern baldness.

In a strange way, Deca acts similar to a 5AR enzyme inhibitor by converting to DHN instead of DHT therefore, a 5AR inhibitor would cancel out Deca's ability to do this.

A 5-alpha reductase inhibitor is more suitable when running a deca test cycle, because testosterone converts more to DHT.

Deca Side Effects For Women

An obvious concern for women will be the potential virilization side effects.

female deca side effects

The common symptoms are developing masculine physical characteristics including increased body and facial hair and deepening of the voice.

Other symptoms include an enlarged clitoris and irregular periods. However, in low doses these risks are small.

Even though nandrolone decanoate side effects are mild, anavar is considered a more suitable steroid for women.

For women who want to avoid AAS side effects altogether should consider legal anabolic's - see here for more details.

Cardiovascular Side Effects

Deca can increase HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) cholesterol levels. HDL is better known as your bad cholesterol.

When HDL levels are high the risk of cardiovascular conditions including heart disease and stroke increase.

Keeping your HDL levels under control is very important, especially if you're running deca durabolin stacks with an aromatase inhibitor.

HDL = Bad Cholesterol 

LDL = Good Cholesterol

An effective way to control HDL levels is avoiding processed foods and eating a diet low in saturated fats and high in omega fatty acids.

Incorporating regular cardiovascular exercise is another excellent way to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Best Compounds To Stack with Deca

Deca nandrolone's mild side effects make it a great steroid to stack with other compounds. Its a win-win situation with deca because it adds extra bulk and strength without additional side effects.

By default deca shouldn't be taken on its own. Its too suppressive on testosterone. For this reason, bodybuilders and athletes stack with testosterone to keep levels stable.

As its a slow reacting steroid many bodybuilders stack deca and dianabol or with a similar oral bulking compounds.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 1974

During his early career as a bodybuilder its believed Arnie Schwarzenegger's favorite stack was a dbol and deca durabolin. With this endorsement its no wonder a deca and dbol cycle is one of the most popular bulking stacks ever.

The reason for adding dbol is to counteract nandrolone's slow acting results.

Dianabol fast acting results gives noticeable gains in mass and strength within the first 2 to 4 weeks. By that time, deca is slowly building up to optimal levels in the body.

Another popular stack, especially with athletes is a deca, winstrol and test cycle. The addition of winstrol, which is considered a cutting drug, produces very lean gains with the additional benefit of lowering body fat.

Adding an injectable testosterone is essential because winstrol and nandrolone decanoate stacked together severely suppress natural testosterone levels.

Winstrol (winni) is best taken towards the end of a cycle with the final dose coinciding with the exogenous testosterone leaving the body.

For example, if you're running winni for 4 weeks you would begin 2 weeks before the last testosterone injection.

During and Post Cycle Protection

As already pointed out, stacking deca with an exogenous form of testosterone such as testosterone cypionate will help to counteract its suppress nature.

Because deca stays in the system for a long time its necessary to keep taking exogenous testosterone at least two weeks after the last decanoate injection.

The objective and exogenous testosterone is to stabilize the hormonal balance while deca leaves the body.

Although a mild steroid an effective deca nandrolone PCT is highly recommended. The ancillary drugs you need depends on the other compounds your stacking with a deca steroid cycle.

Testosterone and dianabol are the 2 most common bulking steroids stacked with nandrolone decanoate. So with this steroid cycle a combination of Clomid, Nolvadex, Aromasin and an effective testosterone booster would be suitable.

What Is a Safe Deca Durabolin Dosage?

How much deca should I take?

This depends on why you're using it.

For Joint Relief 

For therapeutic reasons including joint relief a deca dosage between 100 to 200 mgs per week is recommended. Even at this low dosage, users may experience a small anabolic boost.

Bodybuilding and Performance Enhancement

To experience nandrolone decanoate's full anabolic power bodybuilders and athletes dose between 300 to 400 mgs per week. Although, 200 mgs per week is considered the best dosage for a beginner cycle.

Many consider 400 mgs a week the sweet spot for deca. Above that dosage and side effects tend to outweigh the benefits. Although some elite bodybuilders can tolerate deca dosages up to 600 and even 800 mgs per week.

Deca cycles should run for a minimum of 8 weeks because of the steroids slow reacting nature.

The optimum cycle length for a nandrolone decanoate cycle is 10 to 14 weeks. Although, its not uncommon for experienced bodybuilders to cycle deca for 16 to 18 weeks.

For Women

A safe deca dosage for women is 25 to 50 mgs a week for a maximum cycle run of 4 to 6 weeks.

Some women may tolerate up to 100 mgs per week however, this increases the risk of virilization side effects.

How Often Do You Inject deca durabolin?

Deca's extremely long ester chain makes it a slow releasing compound therefore, fewer injections are needed.

For medicinal purposes deca is usually injected once every two to three weeks.

For bodybuilding and performance enhancement its commonly administered once a week.

Although, some users prefer to reduce the volume per injection by splitting the dosage in half and injecting twice a week.

How Long Does Deca Stay In Your System?

This question can have two parts.

First, how long does deca's anabolic properties remain active in body?


How long does it take to leave the body so its no longer detectable.

​The answer to part one, depends on the dose. Deca has a long lasting ester therefore, it can remain active for a minimum of 2 weeks or as long as 6 weeks after the last injection.

​If you're concerned about detection rates, deca durabolin isn't a suitable steroid for competition rate as it can remain in the system for as long as 18 months!

Pricing and Availability

Please understand that its illegal to buy nandrolone decanoate in the United States.

Deca Durabolin or any brand name of Nandrolone Decanoate is no longer manufactured in the US.

Organon, the company that produced the original deca durabolin, withdrew the drug from the US market due to the stringent laws that made it uneconomical.

The only other option is to buy deca online from pharmacies or underground labs (UGL's).

There's an abundant supply of nandrolone on the black market making the price relatively cheap.

A word of caution. Its still illegal to buy deca steroids online and import them back to the US.

In fact, Federal authorities see little difference in the purchase of illegal anabolic steroids and category 1 narcotics.

"Federal Authorities see little difference in the buying of illegal steroids and category one narcotics. Both violations come with severe punishments".

Under the Steroid Control Act of 2004 and Steroid Control Act of 1990 these violations are severely punished.

If you feel the risks aren't worth it, consider a legal steroids. They're safe and don't require the hassle of getting a prescription. Full details here.

Is There A Safer and Legal Alternative To Deca Durabolin?

To avoid the side effects and implications of buying illegal Deca Durabolin choosing a legal steroid is a far better option.

Deca Duro is a safe and legal anabolic bodybuilding supplement that does not require a medical prescription from a doctor.

Deca Duro's formula contains a combination of natural herbal extracts, panax ginseng and high grade amino acids to help enhance performance, add lean mass and strength - without the side effects.

Ever Wondered Why Most Users Never Get The Results They Want From Anabolic steroids?

Unfortunately, most guys aren't ready for steroids.

They're either too young or they haven't trained their body to its natural limits. 

You need to understand this.

If your body isn't fully developed or trained to its natural limits, anabolic steroids are a waste of time and money because the positive effects will be limited.

Under the age of 25 the body's hormonal system hasn't fully developed. Taking anabolic steroids upsets that hormonal balance and increases the risk of long term and irreversible damage.

You really don't want to be messing around with your hormones at a early age.

If you're under 25 or you've haven't reached your natural limit a legal steroid like Deca Duro will help you achieve the body you want without putting your health at risk.

How Deca Duro Can Help You?

Until you reach 25, Deca Duro gives you a safe, legal and effective alternative to add extra mass and strength without putting your health on the line.

If you're 25 or over, but haven't reached your natural limits,  Deca Duro will help you overcome frustrating plateaus in training by boosting your endurance levels.

Even for experienced steroid users, Deca Duro can still benefit.

For example, maintaining those hard earned gains after a cycle can be difficult. Many bodybuilders keep cruising between cycles at serious risk to their long term health.

Instead, Deca Duro gives you a safer and healthier alternative to maintain those gains while your hormones recover.